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Jacquelyn & Ronnie – Beth Torah, February 11, 2012

Jacquelyn & Ronnie are a young cutting edge couple that both wanted their wedding to have a sense of tradition but in a very contemporary way.  Our Bride & Groom have deep roots in their family cultures, religion and the respect for their differences. WE wanted a venue that could accommodate a large crowd, give us the most for our budget while still addressing all our needs.  Synagogues are wonderful resources for all of these points. There is a spiritual feeling that permeates and then it’s party time all in one place!

rose logo Button SizeRemember your ceremony doors! They will be in your pictures so make sure they have treatments!

There was just one little extra challenge in designing Jacquelyn’s wedding…three years earlier I did her sister Rachel’s wedding too.  Having two daughters of my own I knew that I had to address the personalities of each bride, keep the similarities but not replicate anything from the first wedding!

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When selecting a venue look for the photo ops.  Will we have the background to capture breathtaking shots?   If the venue doesn’t have it…go outside!  You do not have to only have pictures taken where you are getting married!

WE chose graphite as our base color and whites and natural greens as our accent. The moment guests entered the first visual was a playful place card/kippa table covered in moss and hosting a trio of birdcages, set on beautiful linens with crystal accents. The tone was set…urban chic! Linens were a combination of two textures both in the graphite coloration. WE created great energy in the room by hanging centerpieces, mixing them with low table scapes and adding a mid size glass vessel for balance. The florals were all designed with white hydrangeas, callas, roses, orchids with natural succulents, belles of Ireland and dusty miller accents bringing in the green.

rose logo Button SizeLighting and GoBo projections create atmosphere!


We got very lucky, the room came draped in white fabric along with the acrylic chivari chairs, all courtesy of the venue.

rose logo Button SizeA combination of round tables and royal tables helped to keep the energy and not look like 30+ tables all stamped out the same way…be creative…be daring!

Marcia Mitchell guaranteed that the dance floor was PACKED!  Great food, Great music, Great décor, Great energy and Amazing guests all pushed this wedding through the roof!

rose logo Button SizeRemember fill your room with love and your event will happen!

~ Credits ~

Bridal Gown – Chic Parisean

Mom’s Gown – Rene Ruiz

Venue – Beth Torah, Eric Kaufman – Executive Catering

Photography – Jonathan Scott Photography

Video – Domino Arts

Band – Marcia Mitchell

Design – Susan Jaffe

Event Planning – Pieces of Dreams Events

Invitation & Accessories –  Pieces of Dreams Events

Linens – Over The Top & Nuage

Rentals – Brelex

Florals – Dalsimer Atlas

 Ilana and Ben – Eden Roc, March 5, 2012

Simply elegant…Sophisticated…Exquisite….Breathtaking!!!!! Any one of these adjectives could describe Ilana and Ben’s wedding.  Unique…Spectacular…Amazing and most of all …Incredible is what it was!

From the moment I began working with Ilana, her mom Bevy and sister Tali it was destined for something special.    We laughed, lived and loved every moment of planning this wedding. I admit I had a little heads up having known the family since before Ilana was born! I knew what my challenge was going to be.   So let’s get started and design a wedding!

Amazing work! Domino Arts are the best photographers for Wedding

Our first step was to select the venue.  We needed something that reflects the modern but respects the past…The Eden Roc Hotel was the perfect choice. The Eden Roc is a grande dame of hotels.  Having been designed by Morris Lapidus, who also designed The Fontainebleau Hotel…but that is a later blog!

Hint~ When I look at venues I always look at the potential photo ops as well.  Will my bride have the kind of pictures that are timeless works of art?

Amazing work! Domino Arts are the best photographers for Wedding

Amazing work! Domino Arts are the best photographers for Wedding

Ilana, Bevy & Tali had a vision of Hollywood Splendor.  We wanted that feeling of when glamour reigned and you dressed for dinner.

The Committe
The Committee

The girls were each visions of beauty in their gowns; Ilana rocked her two piece Monique Lhuillier by Chic Parisien. Bevy – our Mother of the Bride – was sexy, sophisticated and the epitome of elegance in her gold, custom Rene Ruiz while Ilana’s sister, Tali – the Maid of Honor – was fresh and fabulous in her Badgley Mischka. Each gown’s design complimented the other resulting in our best dressed “Committee” ever!

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The Mona Lisa, one of the few Jr. Ballrooms in Miami Beach was perfect for the ceremony. The Grand Ballroom had the elegance we needed for reception and the Pompei room for Cocktails.  This enabled us to use the space, flip the room and then have the after party there!  An added bonus!!! We have the place, now let’s fill in the space.

 Décor ~  A room has to fit the vision and size of the party.  Is it too big for your numbers, too modern for your taste or too traditional?

 Hint ~ You can always make a room smaller with tricks but you can’t stretch the walls.  Know your guest list!

 We selected Xquisite Events for our décor.  Jon “got” what Ilana wanted and together we created this uber glamorous wedding.

The ceremony was to have an ethereal quality, which it did.  Candles created a beautiful glow as they placed around the room in the wall niches.  Touches of bling reflected the lights like twinkling stars.  Our bride and groom lit up the room.

Amazing work! Domino Arts are the best photographers for Wedding

~ Details ~

Amazing work! Domino Arts are the best photographers for Wedding

Guests were treated to a lavish cocktail hour where one passing tray surpassed the next, as did the variety of stations.

Amazing work! Domino Arts are the best photographers for Wedding

A combination of lounge furniture, cocktail tables and hi boys would serve the dual purpose of later becoming our after party.

Amazing work! Domino Arts are the best photographers for Wedding

The ballroom was spectacular in its reveal and each table hit perfection! There were three varied centerpiece designs that all mirrored an element of each other in detail, the linens were lush in texture and feel, adding the acrylic chivari’s was just the right touch.

Amazing work! Domino Arts are the best photographers for Wedding

Amazing work! Domino Arts are the best photographers for Wedding

Amazing work! Domino Arts are the best photographers for Wedding

The finishing details of a charger, menu, napkin treatment and crystal trim table #’s completed the look and confirmed that nothing was left out.

Amazing work! Domino Arts are the best photographers for Wedding

Libido Band guaranteed us a packed floor and they delivered as everyone danced the night away!  The room was filled with love and incredible energy.  For those who needed an extra boost,  a candy table was just the answer.  And just when you thought it was over…it’s  after party time!

Amazing work! Domino Arts are the best photographers for Wedding

Amazing work! Domino Arts are the best photographers for Wedding

Amazing work! Domino Arts are the best photographers for Wedding

 Hint: Create your events with love and the happiness will follow! 🙂

~ Credits ~

Floral & Décor: Xquisite Events
Linen: Nuage Design
Lighting: Uplyte
Chair & Charger Rentals: Atlas Party Rental
Table details: Pieces of Dreams
Invitation: Natural Impressions for Pieces of Dreams
Accessories: Pieces of Dreams
Photography: Domino Arts Photography
Videography: Blueshore Productions

Planning & Design: Susan Jaffe, Pieces of Dreams Events

rose logo Button Size Brooke & Zack – Private Residence, December 2, 2012

There’s No Place Like Home … especially for a Fairy Tale Wedding!
 Chess Pieces
Designing a wedding at a private residence is as special as it is challenging.  When Brooke first contracted me it was for “a simple backyard wedding” …NOT! This was anything but!
The next 11 months were spent recreating a tennis court to become a magnificent grande ballroom , the backyard into cocktail hour and the lush landscaped grounds were to become a wonderland wedding.  My deepest appreciation to the incredible team of talented people who worked endlessly to make this fairly tale a dream come true.

I could not have accomplished this with out Al Davis of Blooming International, Brian Aaron & Jenny Lynn George of Aaron’s Catering, Erik Deback and Private Stock, Mario Munoz Jr of Munoz Photography, Plamen & Paulina of Domino Arts, Dan Cohen of Uplyte, Pablo Olivero of Nuage Design and Over The Top for linens, Natural Impressions for Invitations, Pieces of Dreams for invitation box,  menu, place cards, accessories, bridal bling,  Earmark Invitations for programs, Rene Ruiz for Mother of the bride and me!  Most especially I thank my dream team of Ashley Butler, Hope Rosenberg, Kari Lopez and Golda Murdock for making it all happen.

~ Susan

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