Our Love Story…

Pieces of Dreams was founded appropriately enough on Valentine’s Day of 2001, but it was in the works way before that…

Ever since I was a child I always loved making parties. I looked forward to my birthday and what theme it would be, even though dressing as a bride was always my favorite.

Becoming a party planner was a natural extension; having been an art major and always creative, my mom an interior designer and my dad a catering director…well I guess you can say it was in the DNA!

The official tag finally emerged as I made my first daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. The catering director asked me how long had I been a party planner to which my answer was, “I’m a graphic artist not a planner” and to this he responded, “No! You are absolutely a party planner!” And the rest was history! Once I entered the event world I knew that I was home.

Creating events and being part of your most special day is an honor and a privilege. This is not a dress rehearsal, we have one shot at perfection and that’s it, but no pressure. 😉